Dr. Ariel Sergio

Advises discerning entrepreneurs, owners and wealthy families, including family offices.

About Ariel

After 37 years of employment in the banking industry up to level of CEO, Ariel is now self-employed in a prestigious law firm in Zurich.

Areas Of Expertise

Ariel Sergio Davidoff’s recognised strengths are finance, risk management and strategic business development. His capability is to find solid solutions in complex situations, which are sustainable. This ranges from legal areas to risk management, business development, strategy to regulatory framework questions including lobbying.

What does Ariel Sergio Davidoff contribute to you


He has a wide range of interests in many industries and regularly writes articles on current topics in economics, liberalism and the military.

His articles have been published in national and international media, including books. Below are some selected media reports from Ariel Sergio Davidoff. The publications appeared in well-known journals, daily newspapers and newsletters. 


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Ariel Davidoff: Paare finden sich selten

Paare finden sich selten

Derzeit besitzen rund 100 unabhängige Vermögensverwalter eine Finma-Lizenz – notabene von mehr als 2’000 Firmen. Dass sich da ein Engpass abzeichne, liege auf der Hand,

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Pro Bono

Ariel Sergio Davidoff attaches great importance to cultural and charitable causes.

He inter-alia co-founded the Insider Talk with Dr Wolfram Kuoni and the FBCS Family Business Circle Switzerland with Alma Palo. Ariel Sergio Davidoff also supports many charitable projects, including the Theodor und Constantin Davidoff Stiftung.


Personal interests

Ariel Sergio Davidoff regularly appears as a speaker, expert panelist or entertaining moderator at conferences. He also writes essays with pleasure and has contributed to media articles and books on wealth management or liberal and military subjects.